Pumpkin Spice

Sometimes its the little things... this Thanksgiving I made myself some Pumpkin Pie Spice and know I will be putting it on everything applicable this fall season. Just mix below ingredients and store in a mason jar for easy on hand use all fall. - 3 Tbsp Cinnamon - 2 Tsp Ginger - 2 Tsp Nutmeg - 1 \tfrac{1}{2} Tsp Allspice - 1 \tfrac{1}{2} Tsp Cloves

Cultured Kombucha

This is a product that is especially dear to my heart, as I am now working with this wonderful homegrown company! Cultured Kombucha is a beverage company that makes handcrafted, small batch kombucha right here in YYJ. Their flavours are mind blowingly good and nothing beats the mid day slump like a big ol mason of "Pucker Up", their summer seasonal variety, available at  2%Jazz in The Hudson. Choice vendors will be selling it by the glass,  meowler (as shown and my personal fav) or growler, perfect for a gathering. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay posted on our vendor announcements, cocktail recipes and other exciting information.  



These dreamy sleeper shorts couldn't look more comfortable and sexy all at the same time. They are made locally by Meghan Friesen (Midnight Silk Collective) and can be found in this classic ultra soft white 100% cotton or three new patterned cottons. There are some seriously great floral options. Check her out on Instagram or follow the below link to see more gorgeous pieces.

· 45.00

Amelie Mancini Napkins

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I scoped these at Charlie & Lee. I am in love with them! They are the Tropical napkin set by Amelie Mancini. They brighten up my neutral tableware with their fun print and are really durable being a  linen/cotton blend. Also noteworthy is the Cactus print. Go to the link to purchase online.

· 31.00 for set of two