Hello! My name is Melissa McFarland. Welcome to State of The Heart.

This place is a collection of my thoughts, finds, and musings with a focus on our lifestyles and how they correlate with art & design.

This drives my pursuit of what I like to call the artful everyday. For me, it is spending time thinking about what I put on my table, how it is prepared and where it comes from. It is sourcing locally and hand-crafted items for my home and wardrobe.  It is continuing down a path of creativity and authenticity. It is connecting with others and sharing what they are making and doing. It is a mindfulness in the process: how we make things, what we make it from, and what we make it into.

I count myself blessed to live on Vancouver Island, in Victoria – a harbour town in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. I share my home with my husband Will and our newborn daughter Poppy. We’re lucky to be surrounded by a community of talented artists, designers, musicians, makers and entrepreneurs… many of whom I hope to introduce you to here!

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